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By sam on Wed, 12 Nov 2008 13:57:17 GMT
Hello, well it’s the countdown to the election and I have been here in St Louis City, Missouri for the past 2 weeks. It’s the Battle state where usually what happens here is a representative of what happens in the country. So Lotara and me have come here to volunteer and try and swing the voters to Obama, get the voters out and VOTE!!! So its been long days and nights entering data, canvassing neighborhoods, phone banking and a little bit of sleep in between. Ask your god, the Great Spirit or just send positive vibrations and prayers to get Obama in as President. The world needs a leader like this man, he is compassionate, environmentally minded and willing to bring about change...and lets face it America has been a leader in World Economics or trends. It has also led a country and its alliances to war and we can solve conflict other ways and we can source oil, power and resources in a fairer way...a time for change is now! I will be here in St Louis until after the election and then back to California. In Love...
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