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Care of your didjeridoo

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument of Indigenous Australians which must be treated with care. Precaution must be taken to prevent your didjeridoo from becoming scratched or the wood from splitting. By taking care of your didjeridoo you will have an instrument of exceptional sound and beauty for many years to come.

a) 'ridji-didj' didjeridoo's are made from Northern Territory hard woods. These have been seasoned slowly and oiled to prevent cracking along the length of the didjeridoo. However, and especially if the wood travels, the didjeridoo will need to be oiled throughout it's life. This point cannot be stressed enough! If the wood is not kept oiled it may split. 'ridji-didj' recommends that this be done at
least every three months with linseed oil. This can be poured down the interior of the didjeridoo making sure to cover all surfaces. Linseed oil may be purchased at most hardware stores.

b) A didjeridoo cover is highly recommended. A cover may prevent most surface scratching that may occur thorugh transportation or through your tavels. Covers may be purchased through 'ridji-didj.com'.

c) Didjeridoos produced by 'ridji-didj' have been dipped in wax at both ends. This has been done as an extra precaution to prevent from cracking in thses two areas. This has been done with bees wax. If you are worried that your didjeridoo may crack in these two area youo may rewax them. This in temperature climates, may never have to be done. but if in very hot/dry climates where the wood may dry out very quickly it may be necessary in the future. However this is not as important as oiling and may only have to be done very couple of years, if at all. I leave this to your discretion, just keep an eye on the ends.

d) The outer surface of the didjeridoo has been brought to a high polish. This may fade as a natural effect of aging. 'ridji-didj' have polished their didjeridoo with a mixture of linseed oil and bees wax.

If you have any questions just email me! Happy Didj-ing!