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Gunbarrk Garra DVD
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How to Play Gunbarrk (Didjeridoo)

By Nigel 'Bolda' Hunter a Yernderr Man from the Jawoyn People, Kakadu Area Northern Territory. Bolda takes you through Sacred Country and teaches the origins of sound for the Gunbarrk rhythms of the Jawoyn People. The lesson progresses from the 'Base' sound or drone to the techniques of 'Circular Breathing'. Teaching this lesson in Country gives you a feel of why these rhythms evolved and an insight into Jawoyn Culture and the beauty of the Country known as Kakadu.

Allow Bolda to bring the Ancestors into your World and vibrate some of their Knowledge into your Heart through the Gunbarrk.

50% of this product goes to Bolda and his Family, help support the continuation of Culture for the Jawoyn People by purchasing this product and financing the next Cultural DVD which will be a more in depth look into Jawoyn Culture and Country.

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